GloMan Objective

Transnational Education and Career


Professional Education ,
International Summer Programmes,
Career Seminars, Corporate Training

GloMan Academy

GloMan Academy is established with a vision to help individuals and firms globalise at ease. In cooperation with Institutional and Industry partners the GloMan Academy aims to setup 'Centres for Transnational Education and Career - CTEC' and offer structured learning programs through Blended Learning system.

On 24th Feb 2018 the first CTEC was inaugurated during the Global Start-Up Conference held at Bangalore India. GloMan group is on a mission to establish 100 more centres around the world by 2020.

At one end these centres offer affordable programs to aspirants and at the other end provide global platform to trainers and education providers.

Professional Education Programs, International Summer Schools, Corporate Trainings, Business Tours are among the activities organised by GloMan academy in cooperation with academic institutions and industry partners.


Prof. Dr. Tim Goydke Dean at International Graduate Center Bremen University of Applied Sciences Germany, explaining the way forward for international cooperation in field of management education.


Panel Discussion on how the 'Dual system of Vocational Training' in Germany is functioning at grassroots level. Participating in discussion along with Mr. Gopi V Prasad are the management and teaching staff of a Wholesale Training Institute located in Hamburg Germany.


In a special program hosted by Mr Gopi V Prasad, the students of vocational training school for Wholesale and Foreign Trade at Hamburg Germany speak their views on Duel System of Education.


This video explains the German Vocational Education system and its application in other countries. The chances and pitfalls are expressed by the Vocational Trainer of German origin who worked in other countries such as Singapure.